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Sharon started playing Ice Hockey in the Christmas of 1995, for the Oxford University Team.   Something about the combination of competitiveness, the feel of ice underneath your boots, and the sheer speed and power of the game obviously made her enjoy it, so she is still playing.  After University, she played for Cambridge University while she was doing her PhD, while officially playing for the Romford Nighthawks.  She now plays for the Peterborough Penguins, who are relatively recent additions to Div 1 South, having only joined in the 2002-03 Season, although the team has been around for a while now.

Alas Sami has not bitten of the apple of desire for the game, and given his recent exploits on ice is unlikely to do so ever.

Sharon plays for the Peterborough Penguins.  Their official website can be found at http://www.ppenguins.co.uk.  New Players are always welcome!
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